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And get a desktop virtua girl software that displays beautiful women playing and being naughty on your computers taskbar.

With DeskBabes instalation, a new hot model automatically downloads to your computer desktop every day. DeskBabes harbors no spyware, adware or viruses so a user’s information and privacy are completely protected

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Deskbabes' positioning is totally unique, it will please adult surfers fed up with usual lesbian video action accessible everywhere for free and disappointed by "simple" stripteases. Our new video quality standards give our girls a new dimension and a presence level that none normal video is able to reach! This product has been developped in response to VirtuaGirl Customers request to get a new dimension to VirtuaGirl's girls on desktop with more explicite action."

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Discover amazing collection of sexy beauties! Blond, brunette, in tiny lingerie, femmes fatales, cute students, in solo and duos, teasing, unveiling, caressing, licking, fingering each other, etc. right on your taskbar. Get the women of your dreams on your desktop!


Enjoy 30 to 45 minutes of show per HOT GIRLS solo and duos making out on your desktop. Girls get naked, caress and have pleasure on your taskbar just like in live. All shows are 100% exclusive and in “bigger than your screen” HD quality


Enjoy all your girls in full screen thanks to the fully featured screensaver. Pick up the girls, choose the decorum, select the special effects and let the show begin for a very hot full screen experience!


Become an active member of community. Meet, talk and share about the girls with other Deskbabes enthusiasts. Meet the crew and voice your opinion about past and future production.

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- "DeskBabes has some of the hottest and sexiest girls on the planet. keep up the good work and keep the girls coming."

- "Never has my desktop been this much fun!!

- "DeskBabes is not just a program, that changes your desktop, but also something that makes your days. Give to you some hot minutes, and makes little sunshine on a bad cloudy day! I thought this isn't true, until i tried this program. I say now, everything is so true! Just try once, and you can't wait to see the new girls always! Respect and best regards for the makers and models!"

- "Free incredible HD software, free preview shows, extremely affordable 'buy only if YOU want to' options make the DeskBabes site a totally unique and wonderfully sexy experience!Come on in, the babes are fine!"

- "I discovered DeskBabes by accident, and joined out of curiosity.I signed up for the 6 months since it was the best deal.After getting my first free girls that night I knew I was hooked! If you enjoy BEEEAAAAUUUTiful and SEXY girls as much as I do (and don't pretend you don't), then hands down DeskBabes will have you licking your lips as these girls show off their ASSets.Trust me, DeskBabes is HOT!!!"

- "One on those rarest softs 2 be restored after formating your pc. no virus or any other junk just pure plesure right on your desktop mmmmm... oh by the way this is great thing that i can enjoi girls from my country without being in it and wat is more comfortable i get them on my desktop, oops gotta go cannot miss my next girl striping on my desk. ;)"

- "It’s a real bliss to have DeskBabes smiling, dancing, stripping, yearning and willing within your touch, to make you avidly “turn on” the laptop between legs and always “stick” to it all days."

- "Wonderful program, free to download and try, no bullshit. I tried it out and was really impressed by the quality of the visuals. The program is dead simple to use, the girls are hot and the idea behind the whole thing was masterful. I wish I had thought of it. Thanks DeskBabes staff."

- "OK, You folks have got to stop making it SO REAL. How am I to get any work done when every so often (and even that is up to me, nice touch) beautiful women in revealing and erotic fashions suddenly appear, take their clothes off and dance right in front of my eyes. Do you think I can even remember that I am at work when this happens ?"

- "Thankyou!Thankyou!Thankyou!Thankyou!Thankyou! This program is great, free to try, great looking girls.....what more could you ask for? The only problem is I'm not getting much work done, because I'm always watching the girls!"

- "Hey guys, I just thought I'd let you know I'm really enjoying DeskBabes. I wasn't too sure when I first saw this, but now that I've downloaded it, I'm delighted. Having a new girl, free, every day is so useful to help me decide which girl's full show I'm going to download next, and as I don't have to subscribe, I only spend money on it when I can afford to."

- "DeskBabes is the best. i love watching the young ladies perform. this the best program i have ever and probably will ever download. DeskBabes thank you"

- "Warning this program is really addictive and after installing it your pc will ask you to be kept turn on after work also!"

- "DeskBabes is the only software of its kind that i feel is safe to use on my PC; ther's no adware, no spyware, and it's not intrusive - well, when I don't want it to be that is! Thanks Team, great work!"

- "DeskBabes is a fun application with *tons* of great content. It has an active user community behind it (to which the developers really listen) who help make tough choices easier. Whether you choose to get a subscription or pick gals a-la-cart you won't be disappointed."

Deskbabes Cards

Daria Glover and Cynthia Vellons Daria Glover Cynthia Vellons Carla Cox and Cynthia Vellons Daria Glover and Mili Jay
Daria Glover and Carla Cox Mili Jay and Cynthia Vellons Carla Cox Mili Jay and Carla Cox Mili Jay
Walleria and Bianca Bianca Walleria Ariel and Bianca Walleria and Tea
Ariel and Tea Ariel Tea Eufrat Sandra Sanchez
Eufrat and Sandra Sanchez Sandra Sanchez and Carie Eufrat and Carie Eufrat and Misa Sandra Sanchez and Misa
Misa Sarah and Natalia Celina and Deny Melisa and Celina Sandy and Melisa
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